Lab 7: Garage Band

During this lab, I learned about how to create musical loops and composing a piece on Garage Band, using cuts, the musical typing, and the automation. What was Easy: I like picking and choosing the loops, and getting a feel of how they mix well together. I also thought it was easy to use the… Continue reading Lab 7: Garage Band

3D Modeling

For this Lab, my objective is to create a 3D model of a chess piece. Specifically, I learned how to use bezier lines, image imprinting for the wood texture, and the spin tool and in order to create a fully 3D model of a pawn chess piece. What was Easy: I loved how it’s so… Continue reading 3D Modeling

Web Design Lab

Introduction: For this lab, we designed our own web page, completed with our ‘resume’. We specifically learned how to code (specifically the HTML and CSS). What was easy: It was fairly easy to know how to type what you want to say, and it was fun trying to figure out how to make your web… Continue reading Web Design Lab

Business Card Lab

For this lab assignment, I leaned how to make and design a business card. Specifically, I learned how to design a card, thinking about text, the invisible square rule and color. What was easy: It was fairly easy to copy and paste my monogram into the board, as well as fill out all the necessary… Continue reading Business Card Lab

Monogram Lab

Introduction: For this lab, I created monogram, from concept to actually using Illustrator to create it. What did you learn: I learned how to manifest a monogram using only text, colors, and the selection tool. This lab also expanded my creativity, from sketch to completion. What was Easy: It was fairly easy coming up with… Continue reading Monogram Lab