Project 1


This project helped me take images and transform them into background and foreground images for cards. This can be a really useful tool for making personalized cards for friends and even for businesses.

I learned to cut different parts of images and then mask the background so they can be placed on other images. In the process, I learned how to play with Photoshop, which took practice but so does everything in life.

This project was not easy for me. I had to ask for help on many steps as sometimes what the professor did on the screen didn’t work for me. But now I am happy that I completed making a card and can hopefully use this skill in the future to complete other projects in my own life. It was challenging for me to get most of the small details in photoshop like having my text wrap around my images as well as making images larger/smaller.

I believe my submission could be improved by adding more backgrounds to the inside of my card. But at the same time, I didn’t want too much going on and for my audience to be able to see what was written on the inside. I could improve the assignment for next class by adding cleaner images and maybe trying to find some better images online.

This knowledge could be used to decorate birthday cards or even for any special occasion. These steps learned for Project 1 would save someone a good amount of money from buying cards or even hiring someone to do the same job as what we did today. This is a skill that could be applied to so many aspects of life and really is a necessity in the world we live in today.

A specific reading that inspired me for this project would have to be “How 25 years of photoshop changed our perception of reality”. This reading and video included showed me how much our world that we view as reality is really fiction. Models and people who we idolize are really being photoshopped and changed into a perfect image that we view as being normal. I tried to keep my card simple and not try to hide any flaws when putting myself onto the front card.



Lab 1 Discussion

  • We choose the pixels in part one to show us how we are able to move down to the closest zoom possible and still be able to select what we want, whether that be parts of an image or even the pixels themselves.
  • Like I said above, this step helped us be able to identify which part of the image we can choose. We did the smallest pixels in the image and then we chose parts of the image itself.
  • Step 12 made the image canvas whatever size we needed it to be. It doesn’t make sense to have an image be too small or too big for we are doing with it. By entering our height and width values, we are making the image that size for wherever we are placing/using it.
  • The image could be used for a logo on a website, a club, or even a team that wanted to make themselves authentic by combining multiples layers and photos. This is a very popular way for a group to make a different image or photo just by using simple steps in Photoshop.
  • Another way that you could generate images from scratch would be to draw something on pen and paper, scan it, and to import it to Photoshop. This step would be truly authentic to the person as it would be their own graphic, but of course would be a tougher step than just finding an image on the web.


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