Project #3

This blog post retains to “Project #3” which involved Unity and making our own First Person Shooter.

I learned how such a simple game can become very advanced very quickly in the world of gaming. When you want to edit something on the map including terrain, colors, and even your own person it may not be as simple as it looks. Unity can become confusing but offers the creator a tremendous amount of free space and freedom to create whatever they want. Which is what gaming is all about!

This project was not easy to say the least. It required me to do lots of checking on the game to ensure the player and terrain were behaving to my specific standards and doing what I wanted them to do. It was challenging to put something on the map that you thought of in your head into Unity. There was a good amount of playing with the program to know exactly what you should be doing, but it was something I enjoyed doing.

My submission could be improved by using more of the “extras” in my game to make the viewer experience and game play better such as audio and even an enemy. I could improve my assignment for next class by adding more paths and realistic terrain that I see now in online games. I could even add more objects that you would expect to see in first person shooter games like sandbags and bunkers for players.

I would apply these steps learned into making my video game into other areas of DMA. That would include adding as many features as possible onto an image or object to make it as close to reality as possible. The steps in Unity made me realize that anything is possible in the gaming world. With downloadable content on colors and object, the sky is the limit on what you can do with gaming.

A specific reading that I would like to reference would be our visit to the Buffalo Game Space. When listening to our speakers, they talked about having a team of many different kinds of people with various skills. My brother went to school in Vancouver for game design and it’s cool to discuss these ideas with him. My brother has made many games before and has experienced many “Game Jam” types of opportunities, but knows his role on a team. My brother is great at code and the behind the scenes work but is not a very good artist. In this case, he knows what he can add to a team and what his strengths are.

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