Project 2

What did you learn?

I learned how to navigate through the “backdoor” of a webpage and control what the viewer sees and how they perceive it. This is a crucial step to involve the viewer to be interested in what they are reading without them actually reading the information just yet.

What was easy?

Some parts of the project were enjoyable and kind of fun like changing the font colors and how the information could be displayed. I found it easy to just change the code and the webpage would look completely different.

What was challenging?

One of the challenging parts was getting my logo on the webpage. One of the other students helped me with that step which I will remember in the future when he needs my help.

How could your submission be improved?

I believe my submission could be improved by just working with the webpage a little bit longer to make it look absolutely perfect. Just with all the colors and making sure that the lines correctly match up with each paragraph. I like everything to be in unison and symmetrical.

How could I improve my assignment for next class?

For next class my submission could be improved by adding more of my personal flare to the project. I like things to be unique and not too plain. But at the same time, I know that the information needs to be able to be seen easily.

How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

The skill of coding a webpage can be useful for many future assignments or even work related activities in the future. Learning about how webpages are put together and how small steps in the index can dramatically alter the webpage is something that I can see as being very useful.

How did a specific reading or video inspirit or help you?

A reading that inspired my the most was the many job titles in the Web Industry. My brother went to school for game design and would love to be in our class. Reading this article made me think that not all web related job titles are the same and that each job is unique to the person. My brother is strictly a game designer and that is what I believe he is best at. The job titles of Art and Design Director’s don’t sound like something he would want to do and neither would I.

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