DMA 112

Lab 5: Pen Tool

These exercises are exactly what I have been waiting for in this class. I’ve used photoshop and other similar programs for a small amount of time, and my biggest problem was trying to figure out the pen tool. After doing all 3 pages of these exercises, I can already see the improvement and I have already used these skills for the next project.
The last two curves on the first exercise of this page I could not get doing the conventional way. The curves were too small no matter what I did, so I just moved further past the red points and it turned out good. Other than that, this page was pretty easy.
The hardest part about these exercises was figuring out what the wording wanted us to do. While most of it was self-explanatory, there were a couple of specific directions that didn’t make sense. After roughly 10 minutes I managed to figure it out and I think it turned out pretty well.

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