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Mentee Me is the latest way to connect with mentors all around the world. Young people all around are looking for ways to make money from home and we are here to help.This platform will help you land online internships and find mentors in your area. Lately, it has been so hard trying to find people who are willing to teach you their trade without being asked for thousands of dollars. When you get paired with a mentor, you will be asked to do work with them, follow their process and learn for free. If you don’t believe us ask our users.

When you use Mentee Me, you will find mentors worldwide and even in your local communitity.

User Problems

User One:As a user of Mentee me, I want to have acess to art mentors so I can own a art studio.

As we learn about what our community needs, we will ccontinue to update the types of mentors and feilds of study.

User Two: I would like to use Mentee Me, I just do not have the money.

Mentee Me is free! You complete task for your mentor and in return you learn and have access to them.

User Three: As a user of Mentee Me, I have been a mentee for three years and I do not not need to be a mentor anymore. I am looking for an opporunity to advance.

When you fill comfortable in your craft sign up to become a mentor. You can be a mentee in one program while being a mentor in another. There is no limit on the programs you can join.

User Four: I am considering joining but what if I dont think my mentor is qualified? I want to learn about accounting correctly.

All mentors are required to show their work. If the would like to be a art mentor then they must show how their art.This same process is for everyone. The mentor’s application is then sent to a borad of trustees and see if they approved to become a mentor.

User Five: I have been using Mentee Me for two months.My mentor does a poor job. I really want to learn but he is no help.

To make sure we have the best mentors available, we have annual evluations. Feel free to complete an evaluation.

User Six: I want to become a mentor but it seems mentees get more out of than mentors.What do mentors get out of this?

Mnetors are able to find young professional in their feild. They can use this platform to help build their brand, hire mentees as employees and get a new young way of thinking.

Project Four: Map Infographics

Project Four was very calm and allowed a lot of freedom. Professor Licata’s videos were very helpful. Although it was very calm, I would not say this is my best project. After seeing other students work, I definitely wish I picked a better setting. From the original map, I liked how all the streets made the map pop so I tried to do it as well. Buffalo is a nice city I guess it does not transfer over so well as a map. If I were to do this map again I would definitely aim to be more realistic and less cartoon-like. My favorite part of this project was making the town banner because that part can really help with making logos. The banner looks 3D but it was really a trick on the eyes.

Project Three: Package Design

Project Three was one of my favorite projects from this course. Professor Licata’s directions were very clear and have helped me create the project. My inspiration from this project started in lab six where we created patterns and colors. Using helped me establish a color scheme. My main goals were to get colors that go with almond color. I believe I was successful. From the pattern, everything else just fell into place. I had the most trouble folding the paper other than that I like what was done. If I were to do this project again, I would create more graphics to make the package look real. This was a great start but I do not believe it belongs on a shelf just yet.

Project Three: Package Design

I had a lot of fun with the last few labs leading up to the project. I would say I was most proud of making the background and choosing the colors. The colors remind me of almonds and organic things. I plan to continue working on it. I would like to see what else I can do with the back of the carton, maybe a different design. Also, I would like to develop the second tab more.

Image Compositing

Phone Screen Background

Throughout Project Two we focused on taking images from project one and making a new image. I believe this was the best project so far. Not only did I learn how to use Photoshop a lot better but I had fun. In the beginning, I had a difficult time because my selection of images was not good. I felt a lot of restriction in creating something new but I am proud of what I have accomplished. Being able to take the letter out of the poem and put them on the page was most rewarding. Professor Licata did an amazing job with this project. Critic day really helped me to get my head on straight. I tried to apply everything told to me. This is my favorite work I have done in this class so far. I plan to continue learning about photoshop but this lesson really made me excited to continue learning and improving.

Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool

This lab was one of the more easier labs given. The professor was very clear in his lesson and provided different functions to use the pen. I believe I did well at creating the tree and the first four but after that it all went down hill. I could improve this submission by spending more time learning and practicing. At one point, I became very annoyed. Overall, I am fairly satisfied. I definitely see myself using this on future projects to create shapes.

Textures from Photos

Throughout lab four, we focused our time on creating textures from pictures. My favorite texture is the one made from the sweater. I found it very cool and I was able to use old techniques like retouching images to then create this texture. The red and blue image was created by using foreground and background colors and using a cloud effect. I can see this being useful to make flyers or tye- dye shirts. The last image is brushed metal. It was my least favorite one creating because I couldn’t understand it use. Even though I am getting more comfortable with Photoshop I find the directions are sometimes not enough to get me through the labs. Overall the lab was alright and beneficial.

Project One: Portfolio

I would like to first say, this was a lot of work but in the end it was worth it. I have learned to optimize, color correct, and retouch images. I believe my favorite part was retouching the images and seeing how people can be fooled by using photoshop but I also was able to watch as some images were brought back to life. At point in correcting the color the color felt as vivid as real life and thats something I really enjoyed. Although the process was fun, I feel like my submission can be improved. Maybe I was confident in what I was doing but I felt a little lost at some points. I believe when I become more familiar with my professor and photoshop my skills will advance. To improve project one, students should be asked to do 16 images and more like 10. This will allow the student to spend more time fixing each image rather than rushing to edit 16. I believe the quality would be much better. I will always continue to advance and use what I learned from this project.

The images I choose for this project are very sincere to me. This portfolio is about striving to be the best me I can be. Most of the images I used are on my bedroom wall so I am reminded of them everyday. These images remind me to never forget my family and my childhood because those two have made me who I am. The rewards are my constant reminder to celebrate life and keep going. I have two full walls at home but these images mean the most, thats why I choose to bring them to college.

Composite Images

As we look forward to project two, we are learning new ways to take separate images and put them together. I am familiar with some of the tools like magnetic lasso and the pen tool but I had very hard time understanding the “Pulling Selections” diresctions. In the future, the directions should be more clear just to help guide the students along. I believe this is one of the better labs I have submitted but to improve it I could have asked for help from my professor. As I said before this skill we be necessary in project two so I am excited to give it another try.