Project Three: Event Display

Project three required us to design an event display as well as a drink carton. Sadly, I believe this is one of my worst projects. Perhaps it was due to a lack of time management and inspiration. I’m not sure what I could do to improve my project right now. If I had more time, I would have observed more students and sought Professor Dunkle’s advice. Life Water and their designs provided some inspiration for me. Their designs are always vibrant and lively. I was satisfied with that aspect of the project after using it to create the gatorade logo.

Merchandise Printing

For project two, we were given the task of designing two pieces of merchandise for our favorite band, artist, or group. 3-D prints, stickers, posters, shirts, and CD covers were some of the choices available. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do, but after some thought, I realized how much of a fan of Maverick City I am.

Maverick City is a multi-award-winning Christian band best known for their hit single ” Jireh.” I’d like to recreate their merchandise now that I’ve gotten a sense of their style. My original plan for the shirts was to have a white print on a black shirt with bleach sprayed on it. I was going for a graphic rockstar look with this shirt. I had a few issues while trying to make the shirt, such as running out of white paint, messing up on three shirts and having to go out and buy three more, and then realizing they had front pockets when I got home.

The shirts were overpowering, and if I had more time, I’d recreate them exactly as I imagined them. I’m going to do it anyway just to be comfortable.

The stickers, on the other hand, were a lot easier. I had never used Curcit before and made some rookie mistakes, but after getting the hang of it, I was printing in less than 5 minutes. Youtube was really helpful in making these stickers.

Overall, I’m proud of my project, but I think I’d be even happier if the shirt turned out properly. The shirt I made or imagined was inspired by Maverick City and their singer’s clothing style.

Joe Barnes, one of the singers in Maverick City. Used his asthetic as inspiration.

Restaurant Menu

The first project required us to create a restaurant menu for Miko. When I first started working on this project, I realized I wouldn’t be able to complete my intended menu design, but I realized it would be a good opportunity for me to learn the basics of InDesign. I believe I was successful in learning to use InDesign well enough to complete these projects and improve in the future, but my designs are not as good as I would have liked. If I had more time, I would devote more attention to the design aspect of the project and attempt to create a multi-folding menu and better visuals.

I like the color scheme I chose for this project, so I try to think of new ways to use color and design to make things look more elegant. Learning the technical aspects of Indesign was the most difficult part. Indesign has a lot of useful tools, especially the character and paragraph tools, that make writing and formatting a lot easier.When I saw my classmates’ work, I immediately thought of several other approaches I could have used for this project, but I’ll save that for our next one. Overall, I’m not happy with the final product, but I’m glad I have a better understanding of  Indesign.