Project 1 – I know, it’s a bit out of order

Long story short, I originally messed up the date of this one and didn’t get it posted in time. However, it’s finished and ready for you to see here. I created each of these graphics you see explicitly using primitives – triangles, circles, boxes, rounded boxes, and stars.

Digital Design Concepts – Project 3 – Image

Here’s a neat little design with the concept of a short metaphor interpreted using a few images and a design. It might be a bit overworked for the concept, but it should get the message across clearly enough: The metaphor is “Love is war”. I used the comic book-halftone aesthetic, something which I’m quite fond […]

Digital Design Concepts – Project 2

This is a four-panel project utilizing various types of color and contrast. In essence, these come down to various concepts on locations – I used various techniques and methods to do each of these, and as such the results vary between each.

Project 4 – Mapmaking

Edit: The final version, in comparison: The write-up below was done for a 2D graphics class, originally featuring a much earlier version of the design. It exists here for posterity. The title banner will feature a bit more of a curved over appearance of depth, as you can see from the rough mock-up. The general […]

Carton Design (WIP)

The background on each side of the carton are designed using a custom 60’s inspired pattern. The front of the packaging will feature a pie slice with a retro-inspired crosshatch, and a title in the same font as the custom oat creamer logo reading “APPLE PIE SPICE”. However, I was having some notable scaling issues […]

Lab 5 – Curved Logic with the Pen Tool

Here’s the results of my work with this file. The pen tool has a lot of precision capabilities, but that precision means it specializes in small, geometric shapes. This, however, makes the tool especially good for logos, and a key in making recognizable iconography when scaling for a large display may be a factor in […]

2D Graphics: Getting Down to Basics

When it comes down to it, knowing Photoshop is knowing what to do with your images. Here’s a few basic observations to start off the class with: 1. Different cameras produce different results. If you take two photos with different devices of the same image, you would initially expect that you would find the images […]

Typography Final:Takeout Chains Chart Rebuild

This image is a redesign of a bad chart, one which at first might not seem too bad but gets worse the longer you stare at it. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that each of these companies are represented by their logos, and that those logos vary in size. However, these variations in […]