DMA 212 Projects

Project #1

I would say one of the things that I learned was how to use Adobe InDesign, I had never worked with the program beforehand and I think it can definitely be handy in the future, although I found it a little difficult to work with at the beginning. The easiest part was resizing the images in photoshop for the online portfolio. I think the one thing that could be improved was the photos I took of the different things that I purchased on the trip. They could have been better but given my time constraint I think they came out okay in the end. The one thing that could improve the project for the professor was maybe the explanation of the instructions for what to do, as I found them a little complicated. I think I can use InDesign for future projects (both school and my own) as I find it handy for making PDF style art. What I am impressed with is my level of creativity as I came up with this idea on my own and had no outside inspiration for this one.