Card Project

I learned how to use a new tool in Photoshop. It allows text to follow a set path. This makes it a lot easier to make arcs and letters to follow a path.

It was easy for me personally, I have a lot of experience with Photoshop though, so for someone new to Photoshop, I think it would be challenging.

What was challenging for me was making the guy in the back look as if he was looking through a hole. I had to use a lot of shading and make the colors correctly match the theme. The guy in the photo in the back is also me, which I think is cool.

My submission could be improved by making the inside have more complexity in it rather than the simple style, also the picture on the right side could’ve been better. The print out could’ve been better too because I did not use CMYK colors.

I think the project is perfectly fine the way it is. It provides a challenge for beginners and a good way to improve skills for experienced users.

I would definitely use the text to a path tool in the future, I wish I knew about it earlier it would make life a lot easier, especially for not perfectly round object to trace around.

The movie “IT 2” inspired me a lot, especially for the colors and theme. I liked the creepiness and theme the movie you feel so I wanted the card to express that too.