My Resume

In this project, I learned the different ways to format a web page. I learned how to make a page look professional and use different color schemes.

I thought this project was easy. Most of the web text was already laid out correctly for me, all I had to do was fill in the text. Changing the styles and colors was the only challenging part of the project.

The challenging part was changing the style and colors. The most difficult thing was adding a shadow-box element. This allowed making the text boxes to look as if they were floating.

My submission could be improved by using a more creative logo or changing the colors to look more professional.

An improvement would be making it have more freedom on how the page layout was, yes this would be harder but I think this would be more creative and original.

I could apply this knowledge by knowing how a professional resume looks and feels. This would help me in the future by looking professional while I trying to get into a job.

The color scheme of Spotify the app really inspired me with my colors. I prefer everything to be darker because it looks cleaner and is easier on the eyes.