Project Four: Typography

In this final project, we learned about the power and importance of type in graphic artwork. We created four stamps of locations around the world and included their cultural specialty and the price of the stamp. My locations were Dubai for its architecture, Milan for its fashion, Paris for its cuisine, and Rio de Janeiro […]

Project Three: Photo Replacement

In this project, we took common metaphors and turned them into photograph combinations of objects that wouldn’t normally go together. My metaphor was, “the world is your oyster.” The easiest part of this project was actually constructing the project. I placed planet Earth and the moon in the shell of an oyster and added in […]

Project Two: Color

In this project, we learned about the color schemes, gradients, and how they can be combined to be visually pleasing. Some color schemes we learned about were analogous, triadic, complimentary, and split-complimentary. The easiest part of project two was choosing a color scheme for each scene we created. For example, a desert scene would be […]

Project One: Gestalt

In our first project, we leaerned about the elements of Gestalt, a concept that uses a certain placement of shapes to produce a strong visual attraction. More specifically, some of those elements include proximity, repetition, closure, continuation, and more. The easiest part of the project was quickly recreating the “Jack and Jill” story with simple […]