Project One: Gestalt

In our first project, we leaerned about the elements of Gestalt, a concept that uses a certain placement of shapes to produce a strong visual attraction. More specifically, some of those elements include proximity, repetition, closure, continuation, and more.

The easiest part of the project was quickly recreating the “Jack and Jill” story with simple shapes. My project includes simple primary elements with smaller, more complex details, such as the house or the mountains.

What was challenging was actually incorporating the Gestalt elements into the slides. It took some thought to include two or more elements into each piece.

My submission could have incorporated more consistent margins. Each slide has its own consistent margin, but some of them include a mountain going off of the slide, eliminating the margin.

The assignment could be improved by having the students research Gestalt more on the internet or another reference source.

I would apply my knowledge on these skills in future projects by taking the elements into consideration in order to produce a visually appealing piece of art.

To enhance my knowledge on Gestalt, I visited ( to get a more clear-cut idea of some of the principles.