Project 4

I had a lot of fun creating our final project, the infographics map of an area of our choosing. For mine, I chose an intersection close to my house. There was so much I learned from this project. To start, I had never heard of Coolors, the random color combo generator, nor knew that such… Continue reading Project 4

project 3

For our third project, the package design project, I became very familiar with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. Prior to lab 6 and this project, I had not used it much and had minimal practice with it. While tracing the Byrne Dairy logo with the pen tool was a bit tedious and rather time… Continue reading project 3

project 2

Project Two, making a screen saver for both desktop and mobile size, taught me many different techniques in Photoshop. I learned how to start a background from a blank template by adding noise and zooming in on pixels, as well as zooming in on clouds. The newest technique I learned was using the pen tool… Continue reading project 2

project 1

I enjoyed working on our first project- creating both a web and print portfolio of 16 images around a certain topic. The theme I chose was summer, my favorite season. I did use a lot of photos I have previously taken, but I also incorporated several photos I took from magazines which pertained nicely to… Continue reading project 1

lab 1

For this lab, the photo I selected from Unsplash was a top view of a pineapple laying on a granite background. To recreate this, I took a picture of a pineapple on my kitchen counter with my iPhone 6s’s camera (no flash). When I compared the photos, I realized right away that the Unsplash photo… Continue reading lab 1