Project 1

  • For this project I learned a number of things, I’m already decently familiar with photoshop so it really wasn’t too bad to complete in the first place. I learned how to make a text appear on path as well as adding a new font to use in text.
  • It was fairly easy for me to complete, I play around with photoshop for fun at home so I was already used to a number of the things required.
  • The challenging part for me was doing an artboard as well as printing it in a card format as I had never done either of these things before.
  • I could improve my submission by may adding more on the inside of the card, especially the left side of the inside.
  • I truthfully do not think much, if anything, needs to be improved about the assignment in the future. It was a great into to photoshop and how to use very basic tools within the program.
  • I use photoshop for fun, as well as helping friends with logos or designs, I will definitely be using the path on text in the future for those side projects in the future.
  • I thought about Hocus Pocus and the cat theme from that film to help inspire my card.

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