Project 3

  • For this project we learned how to start and make a very simple video game with a maze concept. We learned how to start the terrain. adding assists, and adding the first person character camera.
  • I truthfully did not find anything easy about this project and struggled with even the simplest things, such as creating a terrain in the first place.
  • I found everything to be challenging, I had a particularly hard time getting assists to work and enabling the first person character camera.
  • My submission could be improved by having more time to work on the submission, and going through everything slower instead of trying to keep up when I had no idea what was going on half the time.
  • I think it could be improved by allowing for more time to complete it, I felt very rushed as it was a lot more complicated than any of the past projects we’ve done so far.
  • I truthfully probably couldn’t apply what I’ve learned to future work or projects, I feel as though I could be capable of doing it if I completely started over and went slower when learning it instead of rushing it just to get a grade in.
  • I thought a lot about the past video games I’ve played to create the landscape, with tall mountains and a cool path with lots of trees.

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