Project 4

  • For this project I learned how to create a mini movie using Premiere and some sound mixing using Garage band.
  • It was easy to put the actual video clips together as I’ve made movies before using iMovie and other programs like that, I enjoyed the refresher as I haven’t done it in a while.
  • For me the most challenging part of this project was using garage band, I’ve never used it before and am not very musically inclined so my audio file is a bit subpar to be honest. I enjoyed working with it though and would totally play with it more in the future.
  • I’d say my submission could be improved by playing with Garage band a bit more and having a bit more confidence in terms of sound mixing instead of going with the easier route.
  • I really enjoyed this project and felt like we had a sufficient amount of time to play with and complete it. I don’t think anything needs to be changed for it.
  • I could use both the experience with Garage band and Premiere to put projects together for my friends with businesses or things like that.
  • I took last spring semester off to travel and during those 3 months I spent a month in Thailand doing service work with rehabbed elephants and orphans in a remote part of Thailand helping them learn English and helping to construct a new building for them using environmentally friendly materials. I miss it a lot and that’s what inspired me to make this project about the happiness I experienced in Thailand.

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