Project 2

  • For project 2 I learned a variety of things, the first was being introduced to coding. I then learned how to add images, edit the text, edit the color of the header, footer, text and background as well as adding in a new font.
  • For me, the only easy thing was really editing the text. It wasn’t an easy project but I got the hang of it fairly quickly.
  • The most challenging part for me, as dumb as it sounds was connecting to the H drive and getting started in the first place.
  • I would improve my submission by becoming more knowledgable about code and coding. I loved the intro and would love to go more in depth with coding.
  • I think it was easy to understand and manipulate and therefore I really think this was a great intro to HTML that doesn’t need to be improved.
  • I could use this information to go further with a more coding focused class or possibly do some simple editing in the work place or just for fun.
  • I used the format I had for my previous resume to inspire me for this project. I had to create a CVS to submit in order to get an internship in Australia and the format was a different one that I usually see for resumes in the US. I used that uniqueness in design and language to help me create this project.

Project 1

  • For this project I learned a number of things, I’m already decently familiar with photoshop so it really wasn’t too bad to complete in the first place. I learned how to make a text appear on path as well as adding a new font to use in text.
  • It was fairly easy for me to complete, I play around with photoshop for fun at home so I was already used to a number of the things required.
  • The challenging part for me was doing an artboard as well as printing it in a card format as I had never done either of these things before.
  • I could improve my submission by may adding more on the inside of the card, especially the left side of the inside.
  • I truthfully do not think much, if anything, needs to be improved about the assignment in the future. It was a great into to photoshop and how to use very basic tools within the program.
  • I use photoshop for fun, as well as helping friends with logos or designs, I will definitely be using the path on text in the future for those side projects in the future.
  • I thought about Hocus Pocus and the cat theme from that film to help inspire my card.