Project 4

For this project I learned how to create a mini movie using Premiere and some sound mixing using Garage band. It was easy to put the actual video clips together as I’ve made movies before using iMovie and other programs like that, I enjoyed the refresher as I haven’t done it in a while. For […]

Project 3

For this project we learned how to start and make a very simple video game with a maze concept. We learned how to start the terrain. adding assists, and adding the first person character camera. I truthfully did not find anything easy about this project and struggled with even the simplest things, such as creating […]

Project 2

For project 2 I learned a variety of things, the first was being introduced to coding. I then learned how to add images, edit the text, edit the color of the header, footer, text and background as well as adding in a new font. For me, the only easy thing was really editing the text. […]