August 29th, 2019

A Reflection On My Work For Lab 1

This first lab called for me to manipulate a file of noise. I then chose from that noise a 6×6 block of color.

While doing this project I learned that creating a background or mask can be as easy as selecting a block of colors and then enlarging it.

This lab was quite easy for me. I’ve had a lot of prior experience with Photoshop. The steps to complete the lab were quite straight forward and easy to execute. This was an easy representation of photoshop’s basic tools.

I didn’t find the assignment challenging itself, but this lab could be artistically challenging. Selecting a sequence of blocks that appeal to the eyes and rest them as well can be challenging. I went with the approach of a colorful group of blocks that followed a pastel palette.

I could improve my submission by making it a bit more simple. I added a cut-out of an apple to act as the foreground of my submission. I went along and added some overlays to the image, giving it a simple color-pop effect. I would’ve liked to play around with the colors a bit more to possibly turn it into something that I could use in the future. For the next assignment, I will take this knowledge into account.

I can use the knowledge that is emphasized in this assignment to create easy overlay gradients for images or to easily grab a colorful and interesting background that will guide the eye.

I took my inspiration for the assignment from Japanese vapor-wave designs and Japanese 70’s funk-pop covers. They tend to be colorful and pastel, and also have words or phrases in a blocky and bold font. I will probably use this same inspiration in future projects or assignments.