Project 4 Reflection

What did you learn? The most significant lesson of this project for me was that designing a booklet or a typography project that contains lots of text requires one to keep the big picture in mind. Oftentimes throughout this project, I would find myself stuck in “hyper-designer” mode, trying to create different paragraph or character… Continue reading Project 4 Reflection

Project 3 Reflection

What did you learn? In this third project, I learned the organization and arrangement skills of larger paragraphs of text over a design template and the importance of presenting information to viewers in a legible way with easily identifiable sections that the viewer can move through. To accomplish this in my own project, I started… Continue reading Project 3 Reflection

Project 2 Reflection

What did you learn? The power of well-made typography is not always displayed through the font itself; rather, the placement, kerning, and space of the text relevant to its background can really communicate a message. I think that for my project, which are takes on the Christopher Nolan films, “Interstellar” and “Tenet,” I wanted to… Continue reading Project 2 Reflection

Group Typehunt

The first font captured in Forest Lawn was quite a remarkable example of blackletter. The first letter, the “T” in Timerman is probably the most obvious indication that this font is blackletter. Similarly, each letter has very defined edges and points that are essential elements in a blackletter font. This next font is an example… Continue reading Group Typehunt

Lab 2 Typehunt

For my second Typehunt, I chose to feature the label on San Pellegrino sparkling water. I honestly do not know why this font has such an appeal to me, but if I had to guess, I’d say this font is personal. For me, it is evocative of my childhood and spending time at my grandparents’… Continue reading Lab 2 Typehunt

Lab 1 Typehunt

The first font style that really caught my eye was the above picture of the “Allen Burger Venture” restaurant, hand-written on a chalkboard sidewalk sign. The appeal for this style comes from its extravagant and elegant cursive writing. It’s clear that the artist who drew this had a still hand and was attentive to very… Continue reading Lab 1 Typehunt