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What did you learn?

I learned how to use code and formatting of a website using this project. These type of work and techniques were completely new to me and were troublesome at times.

What was easy?

The easiest part of this project for me was using fonts and colors to add style to the resume. I also found making the logo to be quite simple and fun.

What was challenging?

The most challenging part of this project for me was the coding aspect using Brackets. I had never used coding before and it was very confusing and troublesome for me at first.

 How could your submission be improved?

I believe my submission could have been improved if I had had a more extensive knowledge of coding. My submission resembles the original template a little to much for my liking.

How can the professor improve the assignment in the future?

I feel that a little more time spent on what every line and term of code means could help students to be able to understand how to code more efficiently. When first opening Brackets it was very daunting seeing to full pages of numbers and words that many students had no experience with.

How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

The knowledge I learned during this project can be particularly useful if in the future I ever need to work on designing and coding websites. I also believe that learning how to use the new programs and tasks that came along with this project help me to diversify my skills.

How did a specific reading, video or example inspire or help you?

The example that inspired me the most was looking through other work of students in the past. I also took inspiration when making the whole website by trying to use a more minimal approach and not overcrowding the page.

Michael Terranova

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