Project 4

For our last project, we had to make a short video using Adobe Premiere Pro or other softwares with the music we made on Garage band. I love rock music and since I wanted to do a fun video which depicted jolly emotion, I gathered clips from my few visits to different places in last […]

Project 3

So this project was basically a brief introduction on making a small video game. Being a video game consumer and an enthusiast myself, I’ve always wanted to know how people make all these fascinating things. This project required us to make a quick maze game. It consists of an FPS player which needs to solve […]

Project 2

For project 2, we were told to design a website that gives an insight of our resume. It was a fun task to do as I was able to know new things on how to use and edit the website using brackets. What did I learn? I learned a lot about how to use codes, […]

My first project (Project 1)

A warm welcome everyone! This project was very fascinating for me. A spooky topic, able to make Halloween cards, using different programs and getting to know cool features, all added up perfectly for a beginner like me who just started on his cool Digital Media Arts adventure. I actually have a decent experience on making […]