My first project (Project 1)

A warm welcome everyone! This project was very fascinating for me. A spooky topic, able to make Halloween cards, using different programs and getting to know cool features, all added up perfectly for a beginner like me who just started on his cool Digital Media Arts adventure.

I actually have a decent experience on making videos since I make tutorial videos for the college but I never had an opportunity to play with softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design. I always wanted to know how these programs work and wanted to create something for my own personal use. In this project, I learnt how get familiar with different tools to edit, copy/paste pictures and make different types of cards. I was able to learn how to use the Lasso tool, write texts on the artboard in different shapes and styles, remove background images, add layer masks, and tons of other cool stuff. This project also helped me explore new fonts and download them from website such as Google Fonts which was a cool way to add something fresh for my card. I was also able to learn how to print using Adobe Acrobat Pro as well as download stunning images for my card from the website ‘unsplash’. This process wasn’t that difficult but needed a lot of thinking and time as it demands creativity.

For me, the most challenging part was to find the exact picture that matches my idea and how I want to demonstrate my card. It took me a lot of time but eventually, I was able to find it. I found snapping the edges of the image to make a selection the easiest as I enjoyed while doing it.

I would like to improve on designing my card even better next time but I don’t think improvement is necessary as this project demands creativity and everyone has their own unique way of showing it.

This assignment is great for starters. It doesn’t demand crazy skills and knowledge which many would’ve found difficult to improvise. I would love to use the techniques that I learnt in this project and implement them for the future videos which I’ll be making for my personal use and professionally for the college. Being able to re-watch the tutorials which we learnt in the class at home also helped me a lot as it made me recall some of the tools which I forgot how to use in the class. Overall, I am satisfied with my final product and having a project which helps you explore your thoughts and ideas is always a good thing to learn.