Project 4

For our last project, we had to make a short video using Adobe Premiere Pro or other softwares with the music we made on Garage band. I love rock music and since I wanted to do a fun video which depicted jolly emotion, I gathered clips from my few visits to different places in last month and assembled them as one according to the beat of the music. Since this was my first year in the US, I wanted to compile my clips from these visits and make a short video on how my first year here in America went.

What did I learn?

I always wanted to learn how youtubers make their videos. Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular software on the market which most of the creators use so being able to know how it works was the biggest achievement I made from this project. Also, I was able to make my own music via Garage Band. I still remember around 2012 when I had Garage Band installed on my phone but not being able to use it since I didn’t knew how to. This project helped me create my own genre of music and to use it for my video in this project.

What was easier and difficult on this project?

I found making music to be easier as well as the most fun part of the project. Also, using different effects for the clips and compiling them were pretty easy for me. The hardest part of the project was to edit the video according to the music I had chose. It was very difficult to choose the clips that matched my music. Also the final product took a very long time to complete but I now know the basics of how to create a proper video which can help me later on in my career.

Can any improvements be made on my video?

Yes most definitely. It was the month of November so there wasn’t enough time for me to travel to different places to capture matching content for my videos. My videos ended up being raw and depicted a normal everyday scenario. I think the only part that can be improved on my video in this project is the content.

How will this project help me in the future?

Not only this project but the entire course helped me immensely to learn about multiple Adobe softwares which I wanted to learn since many years. Being able to make my own game, learn how to edit pictures, make my own music, videos, resume, etc. was a massive win for me as I now know the basic skills on how to become a good editor. This will be the first step of my professional career if I choose DMA as my career path and also be helpful for me if I decide to make my own You tube channel.