Project 3

So this project was basically a brief introduction on making a small video game. Being a video game consumer and an enthusiast myself, I’ve always wanted to know how people make all these fascinating things.

This project required us to make a quick maze game. It consists of an FPS player which needs to solve a maze and get the coin which is on the end part of it.

What did I learn?

I learned how to create terrain and add layers to it. I also learned many cool features like locating a starting point for the player, designing a creative maze inside the terrain and use animation after the player gets the coin. This project wasn’t extremely difficult but it will surely pave the way for my future endeavors with video game designing.

What was the easy and difficult part of the project?

Designing the maze seemed to be a fun part for me. We were given lots of options to choose and design the maze. The ending part seemed a little tougher as I was finding it difficult to execute my program properly and it definitely needed some time sorting the codes out.

Can my submission be improved?

My submission can definitely be improved as we were not extremely focused on making this a standout masterpiece. It was a simple project and I am still a beginner. With more time and experience, this project can definitely improve later on.

How will this project help me in future?

As it is very clear to me that making video games interests me a lot as I am one of the biggest fans of them when playing it. I would love to know more about the other side of things knowing how people actually make all these fascinating graphics, characters, animation and stories. This project is just a start but will definitely help me a lot on my future objectives.