Project 2

For project 2, we were told to design a website that gives an insight of our resume. It was a fun task to do as I was able to know new things on how to use and edit the website using brackets.

  • What did I learn?
    • I learned a lot about how to use codes, HTML, Brackets, and also a small idea about web design along with a proper knowledge on how to build a decent resume.
  • What was the easy part?
    • Choosing proper fonts and the colors for the resume. I found inserting texts for our resume inside the codes to be easy too.
  • What was the challenging part?
    • I had never designed a website before. Getting to know how to insert a logo, putting it in a perfect manner and using the perfect font size relative to the logo and resume was a bit challenging. I was a bit lost using brackets in the beginning but as I soon got used to it, I knew how to get things right.
  • How can my submission be improved?
    • If my experience with Brackets and coding was a bit more, my overall project would have been even better if it’s not right now. The aesthetics of my logo and the resume is nice, but I totally understand for some who don’t prefer the design as eye-catching. My resume content is related to hacking so I went on to use bright colors and a different style of Logo.
  • How will this project help you in the future?
    • Making a resume is not a one time thing. It will be for many years to come. This project will definitely help my future resumes look less bland and more appealing as I am able to design it in a more creative way,