Project 1 DMA 214

For this project, I worked in Adobe Illustrator. I did the nursery rhyme called “Little Boy Blue”. What I learned is the concepts of closure, continuation, multi-stability, and how to distinguish contrast in shape, and scale.

What I found easy was creating the shapes in Illustrator, filling the shapes, fixing the strokes of the shapes, and creating separate layers. In terms of printing and mounting, I found printing the artboards out easy as well as adding the sticky adhesive to the papers.

What I found challenging in this project was before, I was trying to think of a good nursery rhyme. Then, I had a hard time thinking of how I can successfully show this rhyme with shapes. In Illustrator, sometimes I had a difficult time doing closure or doing continuation. In terms of printing and mounting, I had a hard time with getting foam board and cutting it all out. It was hard trying to get the correct size and keeping the edges of each square straight.

How my submission could be improved is probably trying to use less shapes to interpret the rhyme, or maybe even moving the positions of the shapes. Scaling some shapes could help too. I believe putting the work on a black board could make it look amazing too.

In terms of improving the assignment for the future, I would include way more examples of how the nursery rhymes should look, or maybe even some help with how to successfully do closure or continuation in Illustrator/Figma. Shortcuts for the programs help as well!

How I’ll apply my knowledge to future assignments is that you can create something interesting with less shapes rather than making stuff very, very detailed. Closure can help with making logos or using continuation can help with creating logos for stuff too.

Some of the slideshows and the one example given from a past student helped me to get a better understanding of how a project could potentially look.

Project 3 Blog

From Project 3, I learned how to create a video-game with the application Unity. The easy parts of this project were finding the different textures for different items such as trees, grass and also creating the mountains for the game. The most challenging part of this was trying to find the correct files to make my game function properly. My submission could have been improved if I was able to submit it on time, unfortunately the files cause the game to not work at first, and so I had to seek out help. How I could improve the assignment for the next class is by adding in enemies to the game. Although, I don’t know how to do that just yet, I think I’d have a blast doing that. How I can apply my knowledge from this project to other projects is by knowing how to work with other game creating programs and being able to find all the textures and such. Any video games that I’ve played have helped inspire me to create the game that I did. I greatly enjoyed this project.

Project 4

Vinny and I learned how to use many of the Adobe applications for this project. The easiest part about this project was probably making the music in garageBand and recording videos. The most challenging part of this project was editing the video and using Adobe Premiere. We could’ve added transitions, we could have included a better emotion for the project but I guess you could say this certainly fits the college experience. I know that if I were to use this for another class, I would certainly fix it. If I were to use my knowledge for future assignments it would certainly help with animation projects and editing these animation projects. For Vinny, it would probably help him out with film-making and such. The labs were helpful for this project.

Resume, Project 2


In this project, I learned how to work with an HTML file, as well as a CSS file. It was a new experience that I kind of enjoyed! What was easy about this project was finding the fonts to use for the page, and the colors since I could generate them from What was challenging was reading some of the code, as it was a bit confusing since I seem to just have a hard time reading in general. How my submission could be improved is by maybe eliminating some of the empty space on the sides, or even trying harder for a not so blurry seeming photo. For my assignment improvements, I’d say enlarging my fonts and my logo would make it seem not so spacious or empty. For future assignments, I could maybe be able to use an HTML file to create a project for a separate class. The project reading as well as some knowledge from Computer Science has helped me with creating this project.

DMA 201 Halloween Card

What I’ve learned through this project is how to create an artboard, which made it easier to create this card, as well as how to use the Photoshop ruler to create even lines to split the paper in half. What was easy in this project was adding the different adjustment filters, finding new fonts online, and typing out the words. Most of this I’ve learned from the high school I once attended. What was challenging was finding photos that not only worked well together, but also weren’t blurry. There’s so many photos out there, but so little of them are the correct size or are blurry. How my submission could be improved is by adding a few more details to some of the blank spaces that make it seem a bit plain. While it is a very wonderful card, nothing is ever perfect. In terms of improving for the next assignment, I will definitely try my best to work more outside of class to not feel as though my work is rushed. I can hopefully apply my future knowledge to later works by continue my research on good photos, keep fixing details of each photo or project, and also to have someone with a good artistic eye look over my work. I haven’t used a video or reading to completely influence my output of this project, however I did like the idea of using Edgar Allan Poe somewhere in this project since he is mostly recognized for the style of his literature. He is a very talented Poe-t. c: