Project 1 Blog

By: David White

When I first was introduced to this project I was very confused in fact I was nervous with what I was even going to begin to do. I went back and forth between Humpty Dumpty and the itty bitsy spider. I ultimately decided to do the itty bitsy spider because it seemed that it would provide me with the most creative approach or more to do in a sense.

I learned how to use the website “Figma” rather well it was very very slow at first with me trying to figure out what to do I also learned that layering your shapes and such was rather important and I honestly didn’t know that you had to drag each layer up and down on the side bar to pick where each layer was placed on the surface.

Once I actually figured out how to work Figma properly since it was my first time I was really proud with how my first little 600×600 square turned out:

I was excited and proud of what I created even though it is really nothing to really brag about it was something that I created which left me with a feeling of accomplishment

Furthermore, the parts that I found the most challenging of the project would to have had to be the part where we had to actually print out all of our 6 pictures and place them all on foam board and such but once I got help from fellow class mates it became a much more of a easier task and I found quite interesting and fun.

This is the final and completed work of my project I think it didn’t turn out to bad if I say so myself.

My submission could most likely be improved if I had a more imaginative approach as well as a above par artistic ability because it does not look to bad. To me it looks way to simple and if anything I would love to improve upon it by making it look way more elaborate.

I mean there is not really any other way that the professor could improve upon this project because as far as I can see the project is flawless inside and out giving us time in class to work on a rather simple project while also giving us a chance to really get all hands on with bringing our projects from the screen to a foam board which in my opinion look way nicer than I thought they were going to be.

The way I’m going to apply all of this new knowledge to future projects is to keep in mind of vicinity of the objects when working with them on screen along with keeping in mind of the boaders of the canvas and choosing whether or not if I’m going to take it off screen or move it inwards more so its not in the in-between that would mess ups the viewers view of it.

I wouldn’t say there was a specific reading of sorts it was going back and re-watching the videos of in class where the professor was showing us specific examples that really helped me bring my whole entire project together. All in all I think that this first project was a first of a lot of things for me and I thought I was cool to do all the hands on aspects of the project and I would really enjoy to do another one again to be entirely honest.

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