Project 3

When I was first introduced to the project and I heard that I had to work with photoshop to create something that if any normal person looked at it they would immediately assume that it was in fact a real thing. I was very nervous and worried about something like that because I have zero experience with working with photoshop and I have little to no artistic ability.

My choice for the project ended up being “time flies” and I began my initial search of trying to find a clock that would conform with the a set of series of wings that I went through and I ended up choosing the following pictures.

These are the two pictures that I decided that I was going to bring together to make the whole “time flies” thing all together.

But overall I learned how to do things like blend, paint, crop and even learn how to use a magnetic lasso to cut out the background of both of the pictures that I found somewhat fun to do.

The things that ended up being rather easy was the brining the whole picture together at the end which ended up looking like this:

This is what the overall finished product looks like, personally I think it turned out great I spent a lot of time working on the edges of the wings and smoothing out the clock.

The more challenging side of the project was when I was working on using the magnetic lasso grabbing all the way around the edges of the clock and the wings, since there was to many defined edges and what not the lasso kept going towards the inside of the watch which kept messing up to whole thing while I was cropping out the background.

My submission that could be improved by maybe having a little more knowledge and more work with using photoshop because there was definitely times where I was lost and didn’t really know what I should do to either progress forward or to fix some type of mistake that was made.

I mean in my opinion there really isn’t really anything that the professor could do to improve this project mainly because everything that he showed us in class helped fully, even with him providing us with examples, help along the way and even with the ability to have the class critique the projects really goes a long way to help us really get down to the needle point of our projects and really perfect them.

Well with my new knowledge of photoshop I will really be able to work more indepth with photoshop and really be able to know what is going on and be able to have the knowledge to fix a potential problem and so on.

The majority of the videos that were posted helped me along the way because when I got stuck or lost the videos were there to help me out along the way.

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