Project 2 Color

Initially when I first started working on this project I was originally working on adobe illustrator but I did not really like the way everything was setup and I increasingly became more and more confused as I was working. So, I ended up switching to working on Figma because the way everything is setup more fluently.

Overall I learned how all the types of colors work together through ways like triatic, complementary, and even split complementary.

This is how my overall project turned out, and if I can say I don’t think that it is to bad.

The easy part about the project was really deciding what color scheme I wanted to use for each layout and it slowly came together into something rather really good that I am really proud of.

On the other hand the part that proved to be on the more difficult side was working with the planets in particular and trying to setup a gradient (mainly because Figma does not have a radial gradient option like Illustrator). So, I ended up using a multitude of different gradient layers to create somewhat of a radial gradient on the planet which took a very long time.

As you can see, there is quite the number of gradients that have been placed on the planet on the left to create somewhat of a radial look on the planet, it is not just on the one planet but it is on both of the planets.

The ways that my submission could most likely be improved is if I actually did it on Illustrator rather than working off of Figma, or even improve my aquatic layout because I don’t feel like that is my strongest one.

The professor could maybe have us do what we did with the first project by having us print out our layouts and then placing them on the foam core, because I personally found that part rather fun and exciting.

The knowledge of how colors do and don’t work together will definitely help me when working on future projects or even in the real world when I could maybe be designing clothes and such.

Lastly, just attending all of the classes and requesting help when I needed it definitely helped me while I was working on the project and even being able to refer to the videos to help me out while working on my project was very helpful t0 me.

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