Lab 1: Acquiring Images

When this lab was assigned I was extremely excited about it because I love photos. I take photos all the time and have gotten really good at it.

Magazine captured by Canon Powershot SX70 HS
Magazine captured by iPhone 11

Everything was easy because of basic camera knowledge I already have and a special thanks to technology. I did find myself relearning and learning some new techniques especially in Adobe Photoshop.

Coke Bottle captured with iPhone 11
Coke bottle captured by Canon Powershot SX70 HS

I did not notice a big difference between my camera photos and the high-end camera. The only thing that I noticed was the color once the photo was taken. The iPhone camera is a bit warmer.

What was most challenging was figuring out what image to create in the Adobe software. I should utilize my sketchbook more because I couldn’t settle on one idea I had. Also, I also was challenged with using Photoshop in general. I don’t play around with it as much as I think I should, but that is going to change. I learned some new techniques from friends and peers so I plan to keep practicing so I can make better photos. Definitely will be more useful in future assignments

Canadian coin captured by Scanner
Magazine captured by scanner
Photo captured by scanner
Sketch captured by scanner

When scanning a photo it didn’t have any real effects on the resolution that I had noticed.

Representation on how I interpret aliens

For the photo I created from scratch I just decided to keep the file dimension set to default because I only know so much about Photoshop and this was just me messing around.

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