Its sad to say that my time in the Intro to Digital Media Arts course has come to an end. I had a lot of fun in this course and looked forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday. It didn’t even matter that the class was at 8:30 in the morning. But all good things come to an end they say and that is true. Like when you eat a piece of candy. But do not worry this piece of candy has not seen the last of me.

For our last assignment we had to create a video based off an emotion. When I heard the assignment I wasn’t too thrilled. One because I didn’t really like the idea of making a video. Two because I knew it would take me a really long time to figure out what emotion I wanted to do because it’s hard for me to understand emotions.

Anyways by the end of it I realized i actually like doing this project. My favorite part by far was working to make the music. I probably will work more with GarageBand too see what else I can create.

Here is the video that I created. I hope you enjoy it. It didn’t take long once I had all the components for it.

I think the only challenges that I faced with making this video was the animated title. I kept forgetting to save it to my flash drive and had to restart it over and over. Also coming up with what to video tape. I think that was hard because I didn’t really know what emotion I wanted to convey and to be honest I don’t think that this video really conveys the emotion mentioned in the animated title.

With all this aside, I enjoyed my semester taking this course and it helped me be more creative every day. It made me fall in love with drawing again and made me realize that I want to make a career out of my creativity.

This isn’t the end.

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