Project 3: Making A Game!

For my third project I got introduced to the Unity software and boy was that a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos for this blog post.

The task given was to make a maze game where the character will run through until they find a pink sparkly coin. At first I did not know what my feelings were towards this project, but I gave it a try, many to be exact, and really enjoyed myself.

At first, I was a little behind, because I restarted, but I quickly caught up with the deadline and even got to add some extra visuals to the environment. I actually found myself restarted a lot with project, but every time was more enjoyable then the last. The one thing that I had challenges with was audio. Audio with the coin and the particle effects specifically.

I came into challenges with the particle effect component a lot. At first it was fine, but because I had to keep restarting I ran into a couple of problems.

First, the audio would not work. I deleted then entire component at first and then tried adding it back so that it could work. It didn’t

Second, when I would match the coordinates to the coordinates of the coin to the exact location you would see the outline for the particles way across the terrain. At the end I think the game just ended up not having sound for the particle effects.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with project even with all the challenges that I faced with. I wish I would have looked further into the game by adding a companion or some other element that would make the game a little more dramatic.

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