Project 2: Resume

At first it was hard to get started with Project 2 because my public html folder wouldn’t show up. Once I got help with finding out how to find it with a classmate I was pretty much set. 

Brackets wasn’t hard for me to understand because of my prior knowledge with python and coding from my senior year of highschool.  

Drawn Monogram

The first thing that was difficult was my monogram. I created my own version of this by drawing it out but decide last minute that it was sloppy so it didn’t make the cut for my online resume. So I recreated it and you would think that combining the letters S and C would be easy, but it is actually really difficult. Their curves are different making it hard to make them one image.

Adobe Illustrated Monogram

Over the project was beginner level. The most enjoyable part was choosing the color to use for the background of the resume. I wish i had more to add to it, but I am sure that I will be able to once I had more job specific internships and jobs.

Brackets Sided by Resume

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