Pro 4 – Info-graphic

The main thing I learned over the course of this project was how to use Illustrator. This was a new program compared to photoshop which is what we primarily used for the semester. While there are some similarities between the programs, even the tools that carry over don’t act the same so it was really… Continue reading Pro 4 – Info-graphic

Project 3 – Milk Carton

The main thing learned here was the way around illustrator. While much of it is the same or similar to photoshop, there are some serious differences as well. For me, the easiest things were the pen tool – as it is basically identical to photoshop, so I already had experience – and the image tracing.… Continue reading Project 3 – Milk Carton

Pro 2 Blog Post

The main thing I learned was various ways to both create and remove backgrounds. In addition, It was really fun to experiment with mixing different methods to achieve certain affects. The easiest thing was probably deciding on a general theme for this. I try to keep a general theme for most of my projects in… Continue reading Pro 2 Blog Post

Project 1

In this project, I learned how to not only easily colour balance photos, but edit the background in a couple ways, as well as scan an item to do the same. It was generally easy, at least one I got the hand of both the colour balancing, and retouching. Once I got the hand of… Continue reading Project 1

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Project 5

This was the last week of the course, and we learned about typography. We learned the differences between serif and sans-serif fonts, how best to use type as a design tool, and how different fonts can affect how we see things. The easiest thing from the project this week was choosing what to use to… Continue reading Project 5

Project 3

This week, we learned how to use and alter images to get a point or message to the viewer. We also learned how adverts will use metaphors to have the viewer make a connection between the product and the advert. In addition to this, we were also introduced to a new program also similar to… Continue reading Project 3

Project 2

For this project, We started to work with color, as well as leaning the differences between not only RGB and CMY color, but also how the differences can affect our work. We also learned how to work with a color tool set to HSB, rather than a hex code. This allowed us to have more… Continue reading Project 2