DMA 112

Lab 1: Acquiring Images

I had to make some on the fly adjustments to the assignment to make sure I could come up with some substitutes to requirements. Since I didn’t have a high quality camera, I compared the front and rear cameras of my phone. I also don’t own any magazines, so instead I used an art book that I have from one of my favorite games.

This was downloaded off of
This was self made in photoshop

While the rear and front cameras aren’t too different in megapixels, you can start to tell a difference in resolution once you start to zoom in on the picture. You can also see that there is more contrast in the rear camera compared to the front camera. Then comparing the quality of the art book page, the one that was scanned in definitely was the best quality. Scanning gives better quality pictures than just using your phone, but getting pictures from the internet or making some on photoshop results in the best quality of picture. The reason I think that it is, is because the computer already formatted these pictures to look good on a computer, while using a camera or scanning an image, requires those devices to self-format and are not as efficient as others.

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