DMA 112

Lab 2: Retouching Images

For this picture I chose the, if oriented correctly, bottom right scenery. I noticed that after scanning the picture it made the original picture’s colors more dull, so I decided to make the reds and blues more vibrant. This scenery out of the four got my attention the most with its contrast between the red and blue, with the green lights, so I wanted to accentuate it’s beauty.

This is a self-drawn picture of my favorite Pokemon of all time, Greninja. I took me a couple tries to get some of the feature how I wanted them so you can notice some pencil smudges on the picture. I didn’t know what I wanted to adjust at first besides just removing those smudges. However, after making the decision to make the pencil marks blue, I actually decided to keep the smudges. In my opinion, the smudges now look like paint-like splatters, which I quite like, so I kept them.

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